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Our Trucking Company Hiring in North Dakota and 48 More States

24/7 Dispatching and Assitance

$12,000 - 18,000 Gross a Week

88-90% Gross for Owner Operators

Up to 25% for Company Drivers

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Trailers We Work With:

*Rent Available




We Offer The Most Flexility in CDL Job

Our primary goal is to make the truck driving job as comfortable and simple as possible. We take of everything else to ensure the driver can focus on the driving. 

We are a Driver Friendly Company

Everyone has a different desire for work-life balance. We respect the individuality of our drivers and do our best to accommodate their needs by providing them enough miles when they need and enough rest when they want.

24/7 Dispatching Service and Assistance

You are never alone in your trucking job. Our dispatching center is always here to support you whenever and whatever problems you have on the road.

PrePass - Weight Station Bypass

Through our network, we give our drivers access to PrePass Service that allows bypassing weight stations which saves a lot of hours for drivers! No more long lines on weight stations. Wait for less - drive more - earn more.

Trucking Company That Cares

We understand how important it is to provide our truck drivers with a safe and convenient environment. Our trucks pass all DOT tests regularly and get all necessary treatments to run safely and effectively. We also help our owner operators to take care of their trucks by providing discounts for repair throughout our network. 

We are 100% Transparent Trucking Company - We Have No Secrets from Our Drivers

In our trucking company we believe that CDL jobs should be paid well. It is is a hard job and that’s why we offer our CDL truck drivers up to 25% of gross

Look no more! Our trucking company provide all kinds of cdl jobs and accommodate your route preferences!

We understand how its important truck drivers work balance is. That’s why we do our best to provide our drivers and owner operators with as much miles as they need and want. 

Working as a team drivers can drive way more miles and make more money by switching on the driving sit. 

To get a job as truck driver with our trucking company you simply need to complete a small form on our website and our trucking recruiter will contact you ass soon as possible to instruct you about further steps.

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Our CDL Drivers Love Their Work

I've been here for a little over two years, and I've been driving for seven, and things keep getting better. The trailers are generally new, with new ones arriving on a regular basis and older ones being sold. So far, I've had two dispatchers, both of whom have done an excellent job and are wonderful people. They've always gotten me home every weekend (with a few tiny exceptions where it was simply not possible).
Jose Gonzalez
The truck is only as good as the driver who looks after it. If something fails and it takes a long time to fix, Highkick will make it right. Hometime depends on the driver; take it whenever you want and for as long as you need it. Remember, you aren't being paid to sit around at home. It's not that difficult to get if you do what you're meant to do.In every situation, the people are pleasant and willing to cooperate with you.
Will Tucker
Friendly folks and well-kept equipment. It's a setting that promotes happiness. The salary is competitive, and most importantly, it is paid on time every week. If you desire to work, there will always be opportunities. Family life is also encouraged by the corporation, which believes it is a vital element of a driver's satisfaction. For me, this is the best company I've ever had.
Andrei Stepanovich

We Work In All 48 States

We Will Cover All Transportation Expances to North Dakota

We Love Our CDL Job With Highkick Logistics Trucking Company!