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For the first time since March, diesel falls below $5

According to Energy Information Administration data issued on August 8, the national average price of diesel fell to less than $5 a gallon for the first time since March, dropping 14.5 cents to settle at $4.993.

• On March 7, diesel reached a price of $4.849 after a 74.5-cent increase brought it down from $5. The next week, it increased to $5.25, and on June 20 it reached its peak of $5.81.
• The price of diesel has decreased for seven weeks in a row, reaching 81.7 cents.
• The price of the primary gasoline for trucks is still $1.629 more now than it was in 2021.
• Prices decreased on average across all 10 of the EIA’s regions. California and the West Coast at large had the biggest decreases.