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James Johnson wins 2022 Landstar All-Star Truck Giveaway

FLORIDA’S JACKSONVILLE — As part of the company’s 2022 All-Star Truck Giveaway, Landstar driver James Johnson of Arlington, Texas, received a sky blue 2023 Volvo VNL860 with all the registration and tax payments paid.

Johnson joined Landstar in 2004 and was inducted into the new class of Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers during the occasion. He said the new truck will enable him to transport loads to and from more locations across the nation.

Johnson said he believes this new truck will bring his business and family success for many years to come. Johnson said he plans to one day hand his company down to his son.

Johnson was chosen at random as one of four finalists from among the more than 1,100 qualifying BCOs, or independent truck owner-operators, who were leased to a Landstar motor carrier.

The finalists each chose one of four boxes from a selection of four during the event, one of which had a dummy truck key.

Johnson stated, “I chose box number two since I was selected second as a finalist and I saw that as a hint as to which box I should choose.”

He responded, “All I can say is, God is awesome,” when asked how he felt about earning the new truck.

The Landstar Million Mile Safe Drivers and Roadstar honorees—the best and safest Landstar BCOs—are the only ones eligible for the All-Star Truck Giveaway. Each of the owner-operators has logged at least a million miles with Landstar without having an accident that could have been avoided.